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Team WNT get set with Rotor


Riders from Team WNT, our UK-based women’s cycling team, recently visited Rotor’s UK distributor, Saddleback, to find out more about the benefit of Q-Rings and get tested to find their Optimum Chainring Position (OCP). Q-Rings are oval chainrings that offer cyclists more efficient transmission of power to the drivetrain – and as with all Rotor’s products, they are CNC machined in Rotor’s Madrid factory using WNT Tooling. The result of this precision manufacturing process is some of the stiffest, lightest chainrings in the world with the added benefit of increased efficiency. 

Q-Rings have five different positions to choose from, which affect where most oval portion of the ring appears in the pedal cycle. While it’s usually easy to tell which position is needed by the feel of the pedalling on the bike, the most accurate way to judge which OCP is the best is through using Rotor’s INpower meters and associated software. This analyses the application of power to the crankset 500 times per second to prescribe the best possible set-up – something key for high-performance athletes such as the Team WNT riders.

Find out more about Team WNT’s OCP testing at the Saddleback website.